Kirby Krackle segment on Evening Magazine

Despite the my fear I had mumbled through the entire thing, the recent interview/tv segment we did for Evening Magazine turned out pretty great. We met them at The Comic Stop in Lynnwood and after filming the interview segment, headed over to our rehearsal space (that I had spent the whole day making look cooler than it had in a long time...good excuse!) to film some live shots with the band. Thanks to Kim Holcomb for making us feel comfortable, and keeping to true to what we do without any "comic culture cliches". Fun!

Not more than the morning after the day the Evening Magazine spot aired, we hoofed over to KING 5 studios early morning for our filming of a live band cut of "I Wanna Live In A World Full Of Heroes" on NEW DAY with Margaret Lawson. She was a sweetheart during the interview, and now KK can finally check "talk show performance" off of our nerd-rock bucket list. I was anxious for the interview, but once that was done we let loose and let it rip as the first live band ever to perform on NEW DAY. Maybe the last? Hmmmm...