Laymans Terms Catalog Now Available Digitally.

I'm not sure if hitting 20-years of playing and recording music makes most people this reflective, but it sure has been hitting me the past few months as I've reached that marker in time.

As Kirby Krackle goes into a big month of shows and recording our 4th album, I wanted to celebrate moving ahead while taking the time to be thankful for the good fortune I've had in writing and playing music for the past 20-years. A good half of that time was spent with my teen years-and-beyond band, Laymans Terms.  

From 1994-2003 we rocked the Northwest as best we could, going from basically learning our instruments to ending up recording 5-albums during a 10-year run. We disbanded right before iTunes and the digital music revolution really took off, and because of that only our final album has been available digitally.

That is until now...

Having sat on our back catalog for years, I'm very happy to announce that as of today all 5-albums from Laymans Terms are available here via my Bandcamp page for FREE download. This even includes the debut E.P. of which only 100 copies were printed, and now saves me the worry of losing my one copy left...

The debut E.P., "Reinvention", "The Red Album", "Hello, Hello" E.P., "Everything You Love And Hate"...all in their original form, teenage sloppy playing and all...

I've never kept a diary, but consider these albums my version of that; a musical documentation of growing up leading to what I enjoy writing and recording today.  

Feel free to turn it up! Some of it rocks.

Feel free to turn some of it down! Who's that singer occasionally off-key trying to sound twice his age with a pre-pubescent voice cracking?

If you're someone who became a fan of my music after Laymans Terms broke up, I hope you enjoy hearing what was truly my baby that I loved dearly.

If you grew up with the band, I hope it reminds you of good times. I know it does that for me when I listen to it...the sound of pure adrenaline not knowing what were were doing but loving trying to find our way the best we could.

Enjoy and thanks for listening,


Laymans Terms catalog for download here.

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