Interview with MTV Geek at Denver Comic Con.

You have to understand what being interviewed by MTV means to a musician who grew up watching MTV religiously in the late 80's/early 90's. Sure, you can make a case that the once music industry giant now actually does more harm than good (what videos?) when "educating" our youth needing musical guidance and bending to corporate taste makers...but guys IT'S MTV.  

Yeah I know, I haven't watched it for years either but I was honored they wanted to talk to me (Lil' rock-dude bucket list "check") about Kirby Krackle and all things nerd-rock related during a recent tour stop in Denver for the city's annual Denver Comicon. The show was great, the crew was great, and who knew that Denver could rock like they did. 

We tried out a bunch of new songs and the crowd roared back approvingly which, as you can imagine, felt pretty dang good. 

See me stare at the camera too long (hey I didn't know they were filming yet!) via the video below. 

I (really used too really badly) WANT MY MTV.