Kirby Krackle - Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 Out Now.

I'm very proud to release the new album from Kirby Krackle, Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 now on iTunes and digital stores everywhere. 

Consisting of 20 fan-favorites from our past 4 studio albums, Geekiest Hits: Vol. 1 is meant to be the ultimate Kirby Krackle playlist and introduction to the band and the world of nerd-rock. 

The album also includes the new single, "When I Miss You" as well as four re-recorded songs from our stripped down debut album including, "Marvelous Girls", "Naked Wii", "Villain Song", and "Up, Up, Down, Down". 

What you hear here is five-years of practicing, recording, and touring...and I can't believe how fast it went. Here's to the next five!