KRACKLEFEST 3 At Emerald City Comic Con

Kirby Krackle and I had a fantastic time at this year's KRACKLFEST 3 as part of the after-hours Emerald City Comic Con festivites on March 1st. It was really hard to believe this years show marked the 5th year for the band as an entity...that time has gone by really fast!

As with previous years, KRACKLEFEST for us has turned into one of our most important shows of the year; our chance to have all our favorite fans and artist friends from around the county come together in one place and give us the opportinity to rock their faces off. By all accounts via fans, friends, and our own replay of the night, it was one of the best shows we've ever done. We try to make each KRACKLEFEST a little more special than the last and this year we tried to set the bar extra high with a note-for-note recreation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". The guys and I argreed we'd never worked harder to learn a song in our entire lives, but the pay off was well worth it as you can see below when an almost sold out crowd of nerd-rock loving folks lost their collective so so fun. 

Besides the video below, here's the link for the entire set to KRACKLEFEST 3 if you'd like to hear the new songs we've been working on etc. Heading into the studio the beginning of May to work on the new's coming sooner than you'll know!